About Us

Simplifying seamless, strategic storytelling

Life Inside Media is a video production and digital marketing agency focused on quality storytelling through striking visuals and creating a strong online presence for brands.

We specialize in the production of films, DVCs and TVCs, documentaries, web series, and other long and short format, result-driven videos and photography services. We also help increase your brand’s presence online with our video marketing and digital marketing solutions.

In a world of complexity, we offer simplicity through consistent and outstanding content. We help create communications and experiences that move your audiences and ignite business growth with your brand purpose at the core.

Our strength lies in understanding your needs and challenges and offering solutions that fill in the gaps. Whatever your limitations may be, we work with you to deliver quality end products that help you achieve your vision.

Cinque Terre

Amit Singh


With over a decade of extensive experience in filmmaking, video production, digital marketing & advertising, Amit brings in the creative vision and executional efficiency to ensure that every piece of content is the best it can be.

Cinque Terre

Srijit Nayar


Srijit has close to a decade of experience in marketing strategy and business development and has worked across diverse domains ranging from startups to well-known national and international brands. He ensures timely delivery and smooth functioning of Life Inside Media.